This is not a valid code 2019 07 20 2020 05 20 2019 07 23 2019 07 25 Fill valid departure Fill valid destination Fill the date Maximum 9 passengers allowed The departure and the arrival must be different The number of infants can not transcend the number of adults Passenger Passengers Choice 2 Online Check-in We will do the online check-in and send the boarding pass to your e-mail address starting 24 hours before the flight departure. We will try our best to fulfill your preference, but we cannot guarantee the reservation of a specific seat type. Seats with spacious legroom and exit-row seats cannot be preselected during online check-in. The airlines reserve the right to modify the selected seat prior to departure. The online check-in might not be available in cases of code-share flights, or any technical issues. In such cases, we will advise you on time via e-mail. Depending on your destination; additional passenger info might be required for the online check-in procedure, so we will e-mail you to request the info needed. If you have a connecting flight, it is possible that only the first leg is available for online check-in. The service fee for your online check-in is not refundable in case you cancel your flight. Special meal This service is available on international and long-haul flights. If the flight ticket is comprised of several short and long-haul components there is a possibility that the service is available only partially. In some cases the airline might not be able to provide the special meal as originally requested. Tripair will try its best to make sure that the airline provides you the requested special meal, but should not be considered responsible in the opposite case. This service is non-refundable in any case. 7acb263b5c46c8192f4cb0213cb6e7053ccb2f3f83e44d9f76e6e5025151b4f6 FARE TERMS (as they are given from the airline company`s system) "MINIRULES_DESCR" Cancellation Changes "No whitespaces allowed" "Only latin characters and digits allowed" "Only latin characters allowed" "FILL_STUDENT_PASS" "This field is required" "Please enter at least {0} characters." "Please enter only numeric digits." "Please insert a valid email." "Please enter only numeric digits." "NO_SPECIAL_ALPHABET" "Mandatory fields" "The emails must match" "Only letters and numbers" " Terms of Use" "Please accept the terms and conditions to proceed with the completion of the booking." "Number"

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